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Our Teas Your Chakras

Ananda and her chakras

Your Chakras

Chakras are energy centers. The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel and represents one of seven main energy centers in the body. They correspond to nerve ganglia along the spinal column as well as body functions, states of consciousness, life stages, colors, and sounds.

Each shantea blend is formulated to balance and activate specific chakras, and help align the entire chakra system.

one — Red — Earth — Sexual Area — Physical Identity

chakra two — Orange — Water — Lower Belly — Emotional Identity

chakra three — Yellow — Fire — Solar Plexus — Ego Identity

chakra four — Green — Air — Heart — Social Identity

chakra five — Blue — Sound — Throat — Creative Identity

six — Purple — Light — Third Eye — Intuitive Identity

chakra seven — Magenta — Wisdom — Crown of The Head — Universal Identity


Tea yoga chakras

Here is a list of our teas and the chakras that they affect along with some
complimentary suggested Yoga postures. It is our hope that these suggestions will inspire
you to learn more, and maybe include them in your pursuit of health and knowledge. It is always best
to do a complete yoga session and to learn from a qualified teacher.

Eight Reflections — Rooibos Blend — Root Energy — Transformation

Pose — Half Spinal Twist — Ardha Matsyendrasana


  1. Sit with legs extended breathe deeply through nose

  2. Raise left knee and place foot across the extended leg next to opposite knee

  3. Place left palm behind you in line of spine

  4. Cross right arm over raised knee

  5. Twist your trunk to left at the navel and then the mid‐back, upper back, shoulders, neck and even eyes by looking over your left shoulder

  6. Continue to breathe through nose and hold for a minimum of 30 seconds. Reverse steps you took to come into pose and then reverse order and do other side

  7. Repeat and then relax

Middle Way — Goji–Ginger Blend — Digestion — Vitality

Pose — Cobra — Bhujangasana


  1. Lie on your stomach, forehead on floor, arms at side, feet together, breathe through nose

  2. Place palms next to chest elbows toward each other

  3. Raise head slowly and stretch upward looking up with eyes

  4. Raise chest off ground gradually one vertebra at a time. Only raise up as far as naval and hold pose for a minimum 15 seconds

  5. Release by reversing order until arms are again alongside body

  6. Repeat two three times and relax

Ride the Dragon — Honeybush Blend — Musculoskeletal — Relaxation

Pose — Corpse — Shavasana — Deep Relaxation


  1. Lie on your back with feet comfortably apart and relaxed

  2. Breathe through your nose

  3. Gently close your eyes

  4. Be aware of your breath coming in and going out

  5. Let go, surrender to existence

  6. Relax in Savasana for from 1 minute up to 30 minutes or more…

Note: If you feel yourself falling asleep try bringing your legs closer together

Lotus Wisdom — Peppermint Blend — Circulation — Tranquility

Pose — Inverted Pose — Viparita Karani


  1. Lie on back, feet together, arms at side palms facing down. Breathe deeply through nose

  2. Press palms into floor and raise legs and buttocks up so that legs are 90 degrees to floor

  3. Place hands at hips for support

  4. Keep elbows towards body

  5. Gaze at tips of big toes

  6. Place tongue behind upper front teeth and relax

  7. Hold pose for at least 10 seconds then slowly return one vertebrae
    at a time

Aligned Destiny — Ginger Blend — Respiration — Intuition

Pose — Fish Pose — Matsyasana


  1. Lie on your back arms at side palms facing down. Breathe deeply through your nose

  2. Come up onto your elbows

  3. Press forearms into floor and puff up your chest

  4. Drop the crown of your head to floor opening your throat

  5. Hold for a minimum of 20 seconds

  6. To release raise your head off floor and release your upper body to floor

Beyond Green — Green Tea Blend — Rejuvinate — Regenerate

Pose — Tree Pose – Vrksasana


  1. Stand with feet heels and toes together

  2. Breathe through your nose

  3. Place hands in front of chest in Namaskara (salutation)

  4. Raise your left foot and place on right inside thigh

  5. Keep body straight

  6. Hold Tree Pose for at least 15 seconds (if you lose your balance, not to worry have fun) then switch to other side and reverse

  7. Repeat two or three times on each side

  8. Also try with your eyes closed and enjoy!

Enlightened Mind — Kukicha Green Blend — Clarity — Inspiration

Alternate Nostril Breathing — Anuloma Viloma — Pranayama


  1. Sit up straight in a comfortable cross‐legged position

  2. Bend right arm at elbow and bring hand up to nose area

  3. Make a gentle fist with right hand and extend last two fingers and thumb

  4. Breathe in deeply through both nostrils filling lungs

  5. Pause at top then close off right nostril with thumb and slowly and completely exhale through left nostril

  6. Pause at bottom then with right nostril still closed off, slowly and completely inhale through left nostril

  7. Pause at top and then close off left nostril with the pinky and ring finger and repeat process on other side

  8. When you have completed slowly and fully exhaling and inhaling on both sides you have accomplished one round of Alternate Nostril Breathing

  9. Do between 5 and 10 rounds (stop if you get dizzy or light headed) and then sit still for awhile



NOTE: Yoga cannot be properly taught via the internet. A qualified teacher is always the best way to learn Yoga. These asanas are shown to inspire you to deepen your own Yoga practice or encourage you to seek out an instructor. All of our stick figure models are over 18 years of age and are compensated in accordance with union scale index dated January 2010 for stick figure models.